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Lord, Make Me Over

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (3)
Lord Make me Over
That is my request today. That was in the teaching today by Prophet Laron Matthews today. "Lord make me over", so I can be your reflection in the world. When you look in the mirror, what do you see, who do you see? Do you see the labels that have been placed upon you by the world’s standards? Or do you see yourself as a child of righteousness, a Child of the King? How you see yourself determines just how far you will go in this life. Perception is everything. How you see yourself is the determining factor to your success. If you go through life thinking or walking in the labels pronounced over you, i.e. You will never be anything, you can’t have your own business, you can get your own home, you don't have good credit, you have no're ugly, fat, skinny, dumb...etc. the list can go on and on. If not being transformed from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light. You are no longer bound to the labels of this world. You are transformed into the Kingdom of God. Make it a point to shake it off, all the negative images and labels that the world/enemy placed upon you. You can do all things through Jesus Christ who Strengthens You... If God be for you, who can be against you?
Think about how you've allowed people and circumstances to delay your walking into your promises because you allowed the opinions of others to derail you. satan comes but to kill steal and destroy. Shake off everything that is contrary to the word of God in your life today. If it doesn't line up in the word of God, shake it off and walk into your NEXT. Today determine in your heart that you are going to rise against labels in Jesus Name...

Its Not How You Start but How You Finish

Posted on September 28, 2014 at 2:04 PM Comments comments (2)
Its not how you start, but how you finish... When life hits, keep pressing forward, you aren't standing alone. God is with you. When the flesh wants to dominate, put it under subjection, What you feed shall live and what you starve will die. We have been given 2 choices in life. 1. To live 2. To die. Every day our actions denote our choices. Who we lend our members to, that's who we serve. If at the end of the day, you have not added something to the life of another, we have fallen short of our duties as a "Christian." Why do I say that, because spreading the love Jesus Christ died for is a sure sign that we are His disciples. We are no longer our own but purchased with a price. Make a difference in someone's life today. Tell someone Jesus Loves them, Remind them that God so loved the world tha he gave his only begotten Son.... (John 3:16) Tell someone that the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Standing Flawed before a Flawless God

Posted on May 25, 2014 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (0)
The more I come to know how flawed I am, The more I recognize the Goodness, Grace and Mercy of God. Trying to cross every T and dot every I is an impossible task for one to master independently. However through Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to press towards the mark with each new day given. Its not over until God says its over. I'm living By His Grace and At His Mercy.

I Denounce Your Works

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 6:04 AM Comments comments (780)
Gods Word, His opinion of me, and the impact He has made upon my life will always supersede what satan implies or what man would try to impress upon me. I stanch out every fiery dart the enemy has launched against me. I denounce your works, and who you send to perform your works. It won't work! The weapon might be formed, but the Word of God says it will not prosper. It is so in Jesus name.

My Greatest Fear

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 10:57 AM Comments comments (0)
Discovering all too late that I've done so much for the Kingdom that I neglected to do my part to personally to obtain the Kingdom. All else is dung at the end of the day. If the saved scarcely make it, where would the sinner and ungodly be found? 1 Peter 4:18-19

Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask that you have mercy on those who read "My Greatest fear". Touch them as only can. Let this window of opportunity not close without the reader being confident that should their life end today, they would spend eternity with you. If they aren't confident, let them inbox me, or reach out to a man or woman of God that would give them truth, Hell wasn't made for those that have a personal relationship with the Lord, but for satan and his angels, and those that didn't invest in their eternal future, by having a personal relationship with the Lord, by their own choosing and free will. Thank you for loving us Lord, thank you for the numerous opportunities you give us to get things right. Please continue to extend your mercy and grace to us. I ask all these things in Jesus name

In Him I Live, Move and Have my Being

Posted on March 11, 2014 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (0)
I have reached a place in my life that I know that without the Lord, I am nothing. The call upon my life supersedes my desire for things of this world. Relationships, a spouse, worldly wealth, position and status... getting these things aren't hard if I close my eyes to who I am, I can have just about whatever I want. But I can't settle for less, I won't. I am compelled by this Great Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Greatest Strength is our Greatest Weakness. I've walked away from things, people and positions of comfort to Win Christ and to Represent Christ to others.
The world will try to make you feel less than if you don't have a spouse or children... Like Hanna I've cried out to God for both, yet I am in no way incomplete as once perceived, for my being and existence is in Jesus Christ. I struggled with what I desired even when in my reach, because I didn't want to chance being less effective for Christ. I could have settled for less, but I didn't want to. I so understand now what the scriptures say about when married, you have to struggle between pleasing your spouse and pleasing God. What a liberty for me not to have that struggle. I can praise God when I want to, I can come and go when I want to, and serve my God. What the world tried to depict as a curse, has become my greatest strength... Liberty in Christ Jesus. Do I have desires, yes like many of you, however I am a servant first.

Thank you Lord

Posted on March 7, 2014 at 11:38 AM Comments comments (0)
Lord today I Celebrate you for being my confidant, being there for me when no one else was available, or when I had to smile for your glory and you saw my heart and caught my tears. Thank you for giving me the gift of real worship and the comfort of knowing that you are my hiding place. My Worship is for real. For every mountain you've brought me over, I Am Grateful for the things you have done, Every praise is to My God. Thank you Lord for all you've done for me. Thanks be to God who allows me to triumph in His name. Because He lives, I too shall live. Yes there were times when I Almost let go, but I Never would have made it, except I still heard you calling my name. Thank you Lord

Lifting up our Leaders

Posted on February 7, 2014 at 9:26 PM Comments comments (0)
Father God in the Name of Jesus, I lift up Pastors and Leaders tonight. Often times, we look at men and women of God in Leadership and safely assume that all is well all the time. We neglect to see what warfare they experience Monday - Saturday before they have to bring forth the word on Sunday. Lets not forget to pray for our Leaders, amen. They might not tell what they go through, however, many... will deny their families so they can give or pour into your families. There is a Cost to being in leadership. You don't know the price your leaders pay to be your leaders.

The anointing cost something, many just see the glory, and want to relish in that, however there is a story behind the Man and Women of God. If they are willing and able to take the time to be a blessing to you: prayer, counsel, preach, teach, intercede, Sub Parent, Sub Sibling etc. Please take the time to pray and lift them up. Its not or shouldn't be robbery to bless them anyway we can. We spend countless dollars on things that profit us little, many spent hundreds - millions on this past Super Bowl game and festivities. A One Time Event, that only fades as soon as it comes. Why not invest in our Leaders, Those who bless us and cry out to the Lord on our behalf? Don't let the enemy tell you they are fine or don't need your support. Bless them that labor in the Lords vineyard especially on your behalf. If they bless your life, bless them. They are First Responders, They are on the front lines, and targeted first. This Weekend, Please take the time to tell your Leadership that you Love and appreciate them. It is free to be a blessing in this manner. If you want to sow a seed, then sow a seed, if you want to buy them dinner, breakfast lunch, so be it. But if you know you are in good soil, your life is transformed because of the Word of God the Lord Lays upon your Leaders BLESS THEM. The Lord will Bless you. For as you do it unto them, You are doing it unto the Lord. - Crying out for Leaders tonight. If you stand in agreement... Shout Amen! or Simply show your leadership you Love them as often as you can.

My Praise to the Lord Today

Posted on February 7, 2014 at 9:11 AM Comments comments (152)
I will Bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my Mouth... I make a boast unto the Lord on this morning. I am just thankful for his Love and Mercies which endureth forever. I was singing an oldie but goodie, I've decided to make Jesus My Choice. My choice is denoted in my lifestyle, my lifestyle is to live a life and standard as unto the Lord. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel. I am Blood bought, and and blood washed. I press towards the mark on a daily basis. Not just today, but everyday. This is the air I breathe, My Mind is made up, my heart is Fixed... Lord today is another day that I celebrate you, Just because. I will continue to look up and live, I will continue to look towards the Hills from whence cometh my help. Praise God. No matter what comes my way, I chose to be in your presence for daily I shall worship thee, Lamb of God who died for me. Whose extended endless mercies, daily I shall worship thee... Yes Lord..

My Prayer for Today

Posted on February 4, 2014 at 11:31 AM Comments comments (0)
Today oh Lord, I give you a new Yes, I say yes to your will and Lord yet again I declare Not my will but your will be done in me. Those fleshly mindsets, purposes and images that would come up trying to rule and reign in my members. Today I lay it all down before you again. Thank you for another new day and opportunity to get myself right. I lift up my hands in surrender to yo...u yet another day. You are Mine God, and I am thine oh Lord, and I have heard your voice.... the song I hear is Draw me nearer, nearer Lord to thee... Its all about the kingdom. Not about you or me. Its about our conforming to the will of God through Jesus Christ for our lives. As soldiers of the Kingdom, we embark on warfare and wars daily. We are nothing but filthy rags. Its His Love, Blood, and Righteousness that makes us anything. Its all about you Lord. I am your handiwork. Keep me on your potters wheel. Fashion me to your likeness. I will be still in your presence yet another day. Allow me to be an example to those who are watching me. Allow my light to shine brightly and let my actions represent you rightly. I decrease Lord and Hide me in the cleft of a rock. Bless you Lord, and thank you for loving me as no other can. So again I say Yes to you Lord.